Senior-level technology expertise

Senior-level technology expertise

Our experts have an average of 16 years of experience, ensuring we tackle even the most complex development challenges.

Qalmarin asiantuntijoita hymyilemässä viihtyisällä toimistolla.

A technology partner that does more than just turns up and invoices

Success in a software project isn’t measured by lines of code. Before diving in with full force, we work with you to refine your vision until it’s crystal clear. We leverage our entire expertise and keep a sharp focus on the end result, ensuring it meets your business goals and requirements.

Our natural habitat consists of demanding and complex projects that require extensive knowledge in software development, embedded systems, project management, or SAP consulting. Our seasoned consultants work on product development projects ranging from web services to self-driving cars, and we help you get back on track even when others can’t.

Some of our partners

Nauruun purskahtaineta qalmareita sohvalla, sylissään koira ja mustekala-pehmolelu.

A community where employee well-being is no accident

For us, caring about our culture and personal development isn’t just empty words; it’s action. We’re constantly refining old practices and inventing new ones. Our goal isn’t to polish the surface but to make Qalmari the best possible workplace for all of us.