Our seasoned consultants guide SAP projects from planning to implementation, management, and automation.

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SAP projects that keep you out of the headlines

SAP projects are more about business transformation than technology alone. A misstep can cause system and user issues that disrupt your entire business, landing you in the headlines.

Our SAP ALM experts help navigate SAP projects ensuring the right decisions are made from the start. In complex multi-vendor environments, we’re with you every step of the way, supporting from procurement to production, ongoing development, and maintenance.

Solutions that grow with your business

We don’t just nod at your requests and send an invoice afterward. With our experience, we advise, coach, and sometimes challenge you to think of solutions that will support your business goals for years to come.

As your company grows and the business environment changes, it’s crucial to keep the system’s core clean. Customizations are done through integrations and add-ons, keeping the system stable, clear, and scalable.

Our SAP ALM Services

SAP Project Management

With shared methods and tools between business and IT, projects progress smoothly from requirements to implementation. Real-time tracking and reporting enhance transparency, reduce risks, and aid decision-making at various project stages. We often use Focused Build, but increasingly, we explore the new possibilities offered by SAP Cloud ALM.

Cloud Transitions

Our roadmap makes transitioning to the cloud smooth and easy. We help identify potential challenges and gaps that need addressing before the move. We don’t migrate all functions at once; instead, we start with pilots and small projects for the best results.

Change Management

We support and coach you through changes, ensuring technology keeps pace. We ensure tools, processes, and resources are in place to effectively implement new systems and processes. We are also familiar with GxP requirements.

Testing and Automation

Managing and automating testing are key to quality assurance and agile development. With our help, your entire testing organization can access the right tools and best practices for both manual and automated testing.

Business Process Description and Optimization

Using SAP’s best methods, we simplify business models and enhance operations. By reducing and automating tasks, we shorten process lead times and improve productivity.

Training and Workshops

Through workshops and training, employees gain the skills needed to effectively use the new system. Our direct line to SAP headquarters ensures we know what SAP Cloud ALM offers now and in the future, and we know how to best leverage these features.

S/4HANA transformation ahead?

Our experts assist in challenging change projects, smoothing the path for transitions. We ensure seamless transitions, with customized functionalities and integrated systems operating smoothly despite the changes.

How we’ve helped our clients

  • SAP Cloud ALM
  • SAP Solution Manager
  • Focused Build
  • SAP ServiceNow integrations
  • SAP Readiness Check
  • SAP Change Management
  • SAP Testing & Automation
  • SAP Project Management
  • SAP Training

"Work was genuinely done as partners with open communication. Even during the bidding phase, communication was open and direct."

– Poutapilvi

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In the realm of enterprise solutions, a key question stands before us: To be or not to be Cloud ALM, that is the question? The evolving landscape of SAP Solution Manager encourages us to think about this crucial decision. As SAP moves towards the end of Solution Manager support by 2027, a transition to SAP Cloud ALM becomes not just an option but a necessity.

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