Embracing the Power of SAP Cloud ALM with Qalmari

As we stand at this crossroads, the question arises: Why should one start using Cloud ALM today and not postpone it to an uncertain tomorrow? SAP’s vision is clear—they are steering towards making SAP Cloud ALM the tool of choice not only for cloud-related products but for all deployment options. We are more than happy to support you in finding the best approach for utilizing and planning your transition path to SAP Cloud ALM.

Agile approach to your S4/HANA projects

Since SAP has a huge impact to companies and entities building, manufacturing, shipping, and serving our societies we care about the methods used when companies innovate with it. How to implement agile methods into SAP projects is covered in this post to show at least part of the variables for our customers to think before starting their endeavors with S/4HANA.