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Redeem the value of your SAP investment

Did you know that you are already paying for functionalities like Test Automation, Business Process Monitoring and Optimization, agile Project Management tools and many more? We help you get the value out of your SAP Cloud ALM and SAP Solution Manager, which is included in your Enterprise Support by SAP.

We provide holistic support within your SAP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) processes. We focus not solely to your IT but to optimize your Business Processes as well. We aim to seamless integration between all the solutions involved in the support of your enterprise landscape.

SAP ALM Services

SAP Agile Coaching

Utilize your own tools to manage your SAP projects in agile manner. We will coach you firmly from waterfall to agile.

Change Management

Are you still in the era of excel sheets and Outlook with your SAP Change Management? Works like ChaRM, aye?

IT Service Management

Report and fix within the same process. We also support Value Added Resellers (VAR) to setup the pipeline between SAP and Customer.

Business Process Optimization

From modeling your business processes and their variations to optimizing your ERP processes, we're there to make it happen.

Project Management

Modern Project Management skills combined with can-do attitude to get your projects delivered in time and in scope.

Test Management

Optimize your test scope and automate reasonably. Have your testing neatly reported and promptly performed.


We provide certified, experienced and highly specialized SAP Cloud ALM, SAP Activate, SAP Solution Manager and ALM consultants. We coach our customers to plan, prepare, explore, build, deploy, run and automate end-to-end business processes through the entire hybrid modern solution landscapes. Our capabilities cover the core of SAP ALM and they are fulfilled with deep knowledge on project management, integrations and service design.

Focused Build

By utilizing SAP best practices and methodologies like Focused Solutions, we are able to decrease the time to market for development and the reliability of the production environments and the running business processes.


Embracing the Power of SAP Cloud ALM with Qalmari

As we stand at this crossroads, the question arises: Why should one start using Cloud ALM today and not postpone it to an uncertain tomorrow? SAP’s vision is clear—they are steering towards making SAP Cloud ALM the tool of choice not only for cloud-related products but for all deployment options. We are more than happy to support you in finding the best approach for utilizing and planning your transition path to SAP Cloud ALM.

SAP Security Dashboard

The security of your system landscape is key for your organizational success. Your systems house anything from trade secrets to production processes, sales and other key areas of your daily business.

With our holistic expertise in SAP security we guide you to guard your processes and data by getting the most potential out of SAP Solution Manager and ALM tools.


Since SAP has a huge impact to companies and entities building, manufacturing, shipping, and serving our societies we care about the methods used when companies innovate with it. How to implement agile methods into SAP projects is covered in this post to show at least part of the variables for our customers to think before starting their endeavors with S/4HANA.

Our team

We are experts in SAP applications, SAP Solution Manager and tools integrated into the SAP hemisphere.

Ari Varjonen
SAP Focused Build Coach

Petra Suomalainen
ALM Lead Consultant

Sini Kutila
ALM Consultant

Patrik Koso
ALM Consultant

Emilia Kankare
ALM Consultant

Niina Simoska
ALM Consultant